Only 11$ Dennis Moons – The Google Shopping Success Course

The Google Shopping Success Course

Dennis Moons – The Google Shopping Success Course

Welcome to ” The Google Shopping Success Course ”

Finally, Learn How To Make Your Shopping Ads Profitable

Getting high-quality, wallet-out visitors to your store at a low cost is the foundation of making your ecommerce business successful.

And Google Shopping can deliver you exactly that.

Your Google Shopping Traffic Doesn’t Convert? Here Is Why…

Shopping Ads seem like a match made in heaven for online stores. They show exactly what a potential customer is looking for: a product

That’s, of course, assuming that the people that click on these ads are ready to buy.

How To Crack The Google Shopping Black Box

To get better results you need to make sure that the right products (the ones with the best margin) appear for the right search queries (that bring buyers to your site) at the right price (the lowest that you can get away with).

That process starts with getting the basics of your campaigns right, your account structure.

Once you get this right (by working on your product feed and campaign settings), all of the next levels and time you put into optimization will only increase the return you’ll get from your ad spend.

But get this wong and you will have no option but to take Google’s advice and overspend on traffic that doesn’t convert.

Or, you can always pull the plug and not advertise with Google Shopping.

But I know you’re here to learn how to get Google Shopping working for your business. You know these campaigns have potential, but you don’t know how to get it done.

And to get your campaigns to the point where you’re bringing in profitable sales often requires a lot of investment, testing, and patience.

You can do it al on your own, but you’ll probably make a lot of the same mistakes that I have made over the last 8 years.

These mistakes are expensive (think $1,000 and up), slow you down and prevent you from focusing on the other parts of your business.

But the good thing is that you can easily avoid the biggest mistakes if you know what to pay attention to.

That’s why I created the Google Shopping Success course.

Introducing Google Shopping Success

Advertise Your Products, Get High-Quality Visitors & Make Profitable Sales

Google Shopping Success is a self-paced online video course to learn how to use Google Shopping to generate profitable sales.

To do that I’ve created 40 in-depth video lessons in which I’ll guide you through every step of the Google Shopping process.

Every lesson covers a single topic and teaches you how to go from nothing to running campaigns that attract buyers to your store.

You’ll Learn From The Google Shopping Success Course:

Module 1 :  Setting Up For Success

With Google Shopping, getting the technical parts right is often a huge obstacle.

That’s why I broke down every step of the setup process: how to create a product feed, how to send it to Google and how to make sure you can track the results of your campaigns.

In this module, I dive deep into every single step and cover everything that can go wrong and explain exactly how to solve it.

It doesn’t matter which ecommerce cart platform you’re on. There are specific video tutorials for Shopify and Woocommerce, but I’ve included a wide selection of tools and work methods you can use if you’re on a different ecommerce platform.

If you’re worried that this will get too technical, don’t worry. I share my screen and you’re able to follow and replicate the exact things that I’m doing.

Lessons in this module:

  • From Product to Product Ad
  • Product Feeds 101
  • Setting Up Google Merchant Center
  • Product Feeds on Shopify
  • Product Feeds on Woocommerce
  • Product Feeds on other platforms
  • Fixing Problems in Google Merchant Center
  • Setting Up Google Ads
  • Setting Up Google Analytics

Module 2 : From Launch To Sales

Once you’re done with the setup, you’re ready to dive into Google Ads and launch your first campaign.

After launch, I’ll show you the Optimization Pyramid, a framework that I use to optimize the different parts of my own Google Shopping campaigns.

This ensures that your campaigns improve over time and generate the results you need.

You’ll see me work on actual campaigns while I talk through why I’m making certain changes and how they tie into the bigger picture.

Lessons in this module:

  • Under The Hood
  • Launching Your First Google Shopping Campaign
  • The Optimization Pyramid
  • Account Structure
  • Keywords
  • Bidding
  • Bid Adjustments
  • Your Optimization Routine
  • Tracking sales with Google Analytics

Module 3 : Save And Scale

With your campaigns launched and the basic optimization is taken care of, it’s time to take them to the next level.

In this module, I’ll share advanced optimization tactics that will help you to save on ad spend, while at the same time scale the best performing parts of your campaigns.

If you thought Google Shopping was a black box, these lessons will shed a lot more light on the inner workings of the system, essential to get ahead!

Lessons in this module:

  • Custom labels
  • search query level bidding
  • Product Feed Optimization
  • Competitive research
  • Star Ratings
  • Merchant promotions
  • Google merchant center feed rules
  • Data Feed Tools
  • Target ROAS Bidding
  • Product level ad groups
  • Showcase Shopping Ad Type
  • Advanced Google Analytics
  • Pulling The Plug

Module 4 : Beyond Google Shopping

If you have well-optimized and profitable Google Shopping campaigns running, it’s time to look beyond.

In this module, I show you how to leverage other parts of the Google Ads like Remarketing and Search Ads based on the performance of your Shopping campaigns.

Lessons in this module:

  • Dynamic Remarketing
  • Static Remarketing
  • RLSA
  • From Shopping To Search

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