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Robbins Life Coaching Training

Robbins Life Coaching Training – Robbins Madanes

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What is life coaching?

Life counselors often define their livelihood by describing what life counselors are not.

Life coaching is not psychotherapy because most life counselors are not trained as psychologists.

Although life counselors can sometimes work with people who suffer from anxiety, depression, or other more serious problems, they focus on the present instead of dealing with the past.

“The difference between life coaching and therapy is that psychotherapy helps people heal their wounds, and that coaching helps them achieve the highest level of satisfaction, happiness, or success.” Whether they are injured or not, said psychotherapist and life counsel Phil.

Towle reported The Spokesman-Review in 2007. Life Coaches can help the most successful people achieve a better work-life balance, improve relationships, or lose weight In short, they help clients figure out what they want and how they can reach it through weekly sessions organized by phone or e-mail.

Here are some highlights of the Course:

  1. Measures to maximize your energy and restore the natural state of health and vitality of your body.
  2. Approaches to developing deep and lasting relationships for deep realization.
  3. Techniques to train your mind and body so that your strongest emotions (your certainty, your faith, your passion, and your determination) are as automatic as your breathing.
  4. Methods to use opportunities to achieve financial freedom.
  5. Techniques to discover an inspiring sense of life that gives more meaning to everything you do.


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