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Jon Buchan – Inspiring Influence

Welcome to ” Inspiring Influence ”

You can sell your expertise at scale, have opportunities and leads come to you, experience less stress, and have more time than ever.

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There’s nothing wrong with selling your time, but time is finite. At a certain point, the only way to make more money is to charge more for your time.

Digital products are infinitely scalable. You can help more people by distilling your expertise down into digital products. Your expertise can be sold many times over.

Although the term ‘Influencer’ is much mocked (even by myself, who has created a satirical newspaper called “The Influential”), becoming a leading expert in your field has many advantages.

It’s less stressful, more profitable, and gives you more time to expand your business.

There are many benefits to building a following and selling your expertise at scale.
Let me run through just a few…

I’m frequently tagged in posts whenever someone asks a question about cold email, humour in business and more recently, using Facebook Groups to build a tribe.

Inbound Lead Generation
Leads come to me. These prospects are pre-sold on working with me. I know this is somewhat ironic considering my whole shtick was cold pitching. I’m not complaining though!

Opportunities Come To You
I get invited to be on podcasts and to speak at events. I get asked to be involved with joint ventures and partnerships. None of this would have happened if I hadn’t built a following.

I also get access to new tools and software for free! Your influence has value and other entrepreneurs know this.

Positive PR Coverage
People ask to write stories about me and the “Charm Offensive” approach.

Get Back Your Time
I won’t lie, all the other benefits are superb. However, having my diary back is probably the best thing of all.

I will be filling up this diary with my own tasks. Instead of loads of meetings and calls and other people setting my agenda, I set my own agenda. This is a huge change. It’s wonderful.

Less Stress
I have far less stress. It doesn’t happen often but If I do have a customer who is unhappy or who has changed their mind or wants a refund for whatever reason (or indeed, no reason at all), I press ‘refund’ and both sides are happy.

Social Capital
My tribe help me out when I need a favour. If I need some engagement on a LinkedIn post, I’ll post a request on my group and to my email list. Boom! My reach gets extended massively. This also means I can launch new things and immediately have an audience for them, which leads us nicely onto…

Creative Pursuits
I now have time to pursue creative pursuits, such as writing my satirical newspaper, The Influential.


So, Who Am I?

I’m Jon Buchan and in March 2017, I started my Facebook Group, Charm Offensive.

I’ve been in the world of digital marketing for 18+ years and starting my Facebook group was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in business.

My message resonated and the group went from 0 to 1,000 members in 30 days. 12 months on and we have over 8,300 members and growing. This is almost completely organic growth.

I now have an email list that grows daily, a growing suite of my own digital products, invitations to speak and be on podcasts, joint venture opportunities, and I have more time to work on my business than ever before.

I no longer have to take on private clients. When I do charge for my time, I can charge A LOT more for it.

I figured all this out with trial and error.

I try stuff out.

I keep doing what works.

You don’t have to make any of the mistakes I did.

I will show you all the successful tactics I used. Every move matters. You can only make the right moves.

I am so excited about this…

As with my last course, I love helping people to be in the same position I’m in.

In 6 months I’ve created an entirely new business, and added a new source of leads to my existing one.

My courses contain no filler. They contain 100% actionable information. Step by step, I show you how to succeed.

If you want to become an authority in your niche, and to start making additional revenue from selling your expertise, this course is for you.

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